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Girls are painting graffiti – ok we know it. There is a lot of them in Spain, Italy, but also in the north in Sweden. Each country has at least one “allcity girl”, perhaps except Slovakia. To raising awareness about this phenomenon helped  last year also movie Girl Power, which portrayed several prominent representatives of female graffiti.

However, this article will not analyze position of women in the world of graffiti. Has no ambitions evaluate their work and the artistic aspect of their pieces. We simply want to share in a simple and primitive way, about how well it can look when a woman “seizes” it.

Brazil is expanding in this direction. There are a lot of young girls who do tags and rollers. We do not even want to name or rank them among Pixadores, but they are at least tagged in Brazil’s Sao Paulo. Whether the tags and pieces are legal or illegal, we are not able to judge.. And honestly, as far as these girls are concerned, we do not really dare to do it – just please don’t stop doin’ it! 😀

For more interesting shots, check IG profiles which were also a sources for this artikel.


and fresh chick Deza



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