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Doors play a significant role in graffiti writing, especially when it comes to tagging. In Gates of Graffiti Malcolm Jacobson and Torkel Sjöstrand focus on these special places in big western cities.

While in 2007 publications about tagging were rare and hard to find, the authors chose the even more specific subgenre of tagging on doors to set their main focus on. Their collection is showing tagged doors from San Francisco, Stockholm, New York, Copenhagen, Paris, Berlin, Liège, Rome, Helsinki, Gothenburg and Los Angeles.

In addition to the collection of tagged doors DON JUAN from Copenhagen, SMITH from New York, PUNK from Gothenburg and CLINT176 from Berlin wrote essays about their activities and what makes tagging on doors unique for them.

The book features the work of international known artists like BNE, Kegr, Earsnot, Skuf, Broa, Spair, Dexa, Trane, Cauze, Nug, Remio, HNR, Mrix, Cost, Revs, Twister, Uzi, Distur, Sento, Babbo, Veefer, etc..

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